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Artificial Intelligence Startups in Saxony

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Grünspecht Vision Labs

Grünspecht Vision Labs is dedicated to building a more sustainable tomorrow with the help of AI and computer vision technologies. Our mission is to stop the waste of resources by making machines, processes and cities smarter and more efficient.


SQIN, now known as IQONIC.AI, is an innovative company that specializes in AI-driven skin and hair analysis. Co-founded by Martin Pentenrieder and Maria-Liisa Bruckert, the company initially focused on skin health but has since expanded to include haircare and nutritional supplements. Using AI algorithms, IQONIC.AI analyzes users' skin and hair, offering personalized product recommendations. This approach aids in preventive healthcare and reduces the need for trial-and-error in product selection. The company, which underwent a rebranding from SQIN to IQONIC.AI, now offers its algorithms as a SaaS solution to other brands and retailers.


Kinoda GmbH is a family-run business, composed of various brands. Deepnetic is the research and development brand of Kinoda GmbH focusing on AI-based services and applications for businesses. Nastigrafie is the media-oriented brand of Kinoda GmbH with a focus on photography and social networks.


Spinncloud is an organisation that provides a real-time, low-latency, and energy-efficient cognitive AI platform. Their unique solution combines Deep Learning, Symbolic AI, and Neuromorphic computing. It is based on the cutting-edge research from the Human Brain Project.


elevait is an innovative company founded in 2021, with locations in Dresden and Triberg im Schwarzwald. It has a team of over 90 employees from 17 different nations, working together in a diverse global work environment. The company's mission is to provide sustainable AI software products for businesses of all sizes. elevait specializes in developing software for knowledge- and AI-based automation of business processes through the automatic processing of forms, documents, and natural language.


exdatis specializes in AI-based solutions, focusing on the development of powerful search engines and question-answering systems that offer easy and intuitive access to information. The company leverages generative AI to revolutionize business operations, helping companies stay ahead of their competitors. exdatis has expertise in extracting valuable information from images and videos for visual search engines or curating appealing visual content. They offer services and products based on generative AI and search technology, assisting businesses in creating new products, generating content, or automating tasks that were previously impossible. exdatis also develops chatbots and search engines using large language models and neural search technology to improve customer support, optimize internal searches, and efficiently manage vast data volumes for companies and institutions.


getML, based in Leipzig, Germany, is a SaaS company providing innovative machine learning solutions for data scientists. Founded in 2017, getML's primary tool automates the data preparation process, reducing the development costs of data science projects by up to 80% while achieving higher predictive accuracy. Their unique feature learning algorithms combined with AutoML allow for building predictive analytics models on complex relational data schemata without requiring SQL code for data transformation. getML's technology significantly reduces the workload for data scientists, allowing for the faster evaluation of new AI business cases and maintaining profitability by adapting features to changing data patterns.


T2K is a company that develops intelligent algorithms, enabling computers to read and comprehend text. In today's digital age, where information is widely available online, stored in large databases, or saved on drives, T2K’s technology proves pivotal. It bridges the gap between how humans and machines interpret and handle texts.


we-do.ai specializes in AI software solutions, including chatbots, automatic text recognition, AI prediction tools, automatic text generation, and image recognition. They have developed 'foodcall,' an intelligent voice chatbot designed for the gastronomy industry, which automates tasks like taking orders, reservations, and other various requests by phone in restaurants. This automation helps in relieving the workload on staff and enhancing efficiency.