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Bootstrapping Startups in Saxony

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DevBoost is a high-performance software development company that assists in elevating your software product to the next level. Their teams help shift the focus away from constant trouble-shooting. Instead, they promote increased efficiency for your customers and seamless product development.

Grünspecht Vision Labs

Grünspecht Vision Labs is dedicated to building a more sustainable tomorrow with the help of AI and computer vision technologies. Our mission is to stop the waste of resources by making machines, processes and cities smarter and more efficient.


We are an IT consulting company with a strong background in software development and virtual / cloud infrastructures. With a holistic approach to IT teams, we analyse, define and implement processes & tools based on industry best practices.


alphaspeech is a Dresden and Leipzig based company which targets the development of speech recognition and speech processing products and services - tailored to customer requirements, applications and environmental conditions.