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Connectivity Startups in Saxony

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5einhalb is a company that supplies radio systems for the most demanding industrial applications, which are as easy to configure as conventional WLAN. Through the smart use of redundancy, they ensure maximum reliability.


CampusGenius is a company focused on digitization through 5G campus networks. They are invested in Industry 4.0, seamless process transitions, and real-time control systems. Their operations aim to leverage the power of advanced technology for industrial efficiency.


Specializes in pro-audio connectivity, networking, and bridging solutions for broadcast, studio, live, and installed sound applications.


Meshmerize is a company that provides reliable mesh network solutions for dynamic wireless networks. They specialize in services for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and industrial robots.


We offer a low-code software suite to simplify IoT data exchange by 10x. We enable secure, self-organized devices and networks - and with it the WWW of IoT.


QcomBIT is a company based in Dresden, which realises and provides software solutions and services in order to employ quantum technologies efficiently and effectively in 5G and future 6G networks … ### [Our Vision](https://www.qcombit.com/our-vision/) 6G networks and the Quantum Internet will unleash new unprecedented possibilities and services in the next two decades. On the 6G side, in-network computing, in-network intelligence, and full network softwarization …