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Finance Startups in Saxony

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Evergreen is a company that makes investing and saving money simple and flexible with just a few clicks. They ensure maximum security, transparency, and daily availability of your sustainable investment. Evergreen is geared towards making money management effortless and accessible.


Payactive is a payment platform simplifying transactions for businesses, with a concentration on secure and easy payment methods like direct debit and transfer. They offer flexible modules for recurring payments, automatic billing and product purchase processing that enable innovative business models. Additionally, both you and your customers can contribute to the betterment of our world at no cost, thanks to Payactive's Social Cashback.


Tokenize.it is a pioneering startup focused on blockchain technology and tokenization services. Based in Germany, they offer innovative solutions for digitizing assets and creating blockchain-based tokens. These tokens can represent various types of assets, including real estate, artwork, and financial instruments. Tokenize.it's services facilitate secure, transparent, and efficient transactions, making it easier for businesses and individuals to leverage the benefits of blockchain technology. Their platform is particularly useful for companies looking to explore new financing models or streamline asset management processes.