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HR Startups in Saxony

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EntwicklerHeld is Germany's largest coding platform, designed for developers of all experience levels. It offers an interactive environment where software developers can engage in creatively formulated coding challenges during their free time, allowing them to compete with others, enhance their skills, and discover companies. The platform facilitates direct interaction between developers and companies, showcasing company projects and job offers in an interactive way. Companies can view small work samples and statistical assessments of developers, streamlining the assessment process in recruitment.


Whyapply is a Leipzig-based HR-Tech startup founded in 2017 by Michael Benz and Ronald Scholz. It offers a unique platform where companies can interact with potential candidates through real tasks related to open vacancies, instead of traditional job postings. The platform allows candidates to solve real tasks for job positions, enabling companies to directly contact them. This approach utilizes performance marketing technologies to target users on their social media channels. The company has raised a seven-figure sum from undisclosed private investors, institutional investors, and the Next Media Accelerator from Hamburg.