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Logistics Startups in Saxony

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Carl und Carla

Carl und Carla is a German startup that offers a convenient and innovative car-sharing service. They specialize in providing vans and minibuses for rent, catering to both private individuals and businesses. The company's service is designed for ease of use, with a focus on flexibility and affordability. Carl und Carla's fleet includes a range of vehicles to suit various needs, whether for moving, transportation of goods, or group travel. Their user-friendly platform allows customers to easily book and access vehicles, making them a popular choice for those seeking practical and reliable transportation solutions.

JT Energy Systems GmbH

Founded in 2019, JT Energy Systems GmbH develops and produces energy systems for industrial trucks, specializing in intralogistics. They are establishing the largest European production center for batteries in intralogistics in Freiberg, focusing on lithium-ion battery technology, energy storage modules, and other industrial applications. The company also refurbishes lithium-ion batteries and is recognized among the top 100 medium-sized companies.


Packwise is a company that offers the Smart Cap, a device that digitalizes analog containers for tracking purposes. It collects data directly from the container about its fill level, temperature, location, and movement using advanced Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology. This data can be integrated into your ERP system through Packwise Flow, their Digital Supply Chain Hub.


Pamyra is a company that creates a user-friendly online platform for logistics, combining the concepts of carpooling and comparison platforms.