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Med Startups in Saxony

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We are a medical device startup based in Dresden, Germany. Our guiding star: harnessing the power of machine learning and state-of-the-art sensor technology to improve the lives of people who have lost their voice. The first group to benefit are patients who have lost their voice box because of tumor surgery, a procedure known as laryngectomy. But there are many more potential applications of our technology, both in speech rehabilitation and in non-medical fields.


Endohealth is an organization spearheaded by a medical professional specializing in endometriosis. Their mission is to consolidate the latest scientific information about the disease and make it widely accessible via their website and app. They also provide tools such as a symptom diary and recommendations from multimodal pain therapy to aid clinicians and patients in finding the most effective treatment approaches.


MeinDoc revolutionises the concept of surgical care and simplifies the traditional and complex patient-doctor communications. We aim to enhance the health literacy of patients significantly by providing them with state of the art 3D-based visualisations.


Streamcheck24 offers urinary early detection without a doctor visit by providing a home-based, AI-supported urine analysis via an app. Through long-term monitoring, it aims to prevent urological diseases in time and to maintain and improve one's quality of life.


We primarily focus our activities on a class of cellular biomarkers called integrins, in order to establish innovative clinical schemes for enhancing lifetimes and the quality of lives of patients with the most dreadful forms of this disease. Follow us on our mission to exploit the most powerful and recent advances in bio- and radionuclide technology for the advancement of cancer diagnosis and therapy.