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Robotics Startups in Saxony

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HYDRABYTE specializes in multi-robot technology, aiming to maximize productivity by revolutionizing efficiency in systems where single-robot programs are limited. The company focuses on developing custom algorithms and software tools to address complex multi-robot challenges, enabling efficient control and optimization of robot solutions. HYDRABYTE's expertise lies in integrating a variety of robot types to create powerful multi-robot systems, irrespective of manufacturer or model. Their dedicated team continuously advances their cutting-edge technology, positioning HYDRABYTE as a leader in innovation, efficiency, and excellence in the implementation of multi-robot systems.

Mana Robotics

# **Let's bring** # **autonomous cooking** # **to the home!** We combine cutting edge robotics, machine learning and embedded hardware to build an AI-powered device that cooks fresh & healthy meals for you and your family.


Smarobix specializes in the development and integration of efficient, accelerated robotics systems. They focus on transparent, efficient, and intelligent integration of accelerators in robotic middlewares. Their mission is to provide system integrators with innovative low-code solutions for FPGA-based acceleration of robotic systems. They strive to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency through expertise in FPGA design, low-code development, and robotics. The company aims to revolutionize the robotics industry with cutting-edge technology for faster, more efficient, and reliable robotic systems.


Tediro is a startup company that offers a robotic solution named THERY, designed to assist medical and therapeutic staff in improving patient mobility, without the need for staff to be present.

WAKU Robotics

WAKU Robotics GmbH is a technology company that offers the WAKU Platform, a software platform for the successful operation of AGV & AMR fleets. The platform is used by international clients for efficient maintenance and asset management, process analysis and improvement, as well as manufacturer-independent fleet control, including order management. The WAKU Platform enables the digitization of all processes from the first proof of concept with FTS, AGV, and AMR. Modules like Care & Analytics support maintenance (preventive maintenance) and analysis of all processes of the FTS fleet. With the Fleet module, clients can control their robot fleet independently of the manufacturer and according to popular industry standards, whether starting with a small fleet or planning a corporate-wide strategy.


We are a Software DeepTech start-up, developing a technology stack that simplifies human-robot interaction. It is our attempt at bringing a fresh perspective to the automation industry. Our approach is different. Instead of the usual, we prioritize the user in our software development, leveraging modern software engineering principles. Our motivation? We aim to provide businesses the tools to craft their own automation solutions, addressing broader challenges like labor shortages. But, at its core, our vision revolves around making robotics more accessible, with the hope of gradually transitioning everday tasks to more enriching activities.


Founded in March 2020 under the name fertigungs.team in Erfurt and later relocated to Leipzig, fabnamix GmbH received pre-seed investment from Technologie Gründer Fonds Sachsen (TGFS). The startup specializes in digitalizing the industrial manufacturing process in outsourcing. Its technology enables online configuration and on-demand cloud manufacturing of complex assemblies for machine construction, medical technology, and robotics. Fabnamix links global producers' services into robust supply chains with its intelligent software. The startup, employing 12 software and manufacturing experts, aims to further develop its cloud manufacturing solutions.