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Captis Space Systems

Captis Space Systems is a new approach to improving Earth observation. Their satellite system is designed to capture images from an altitude of 250 kilometers, which is about half the height of current Earth observation satellites. This height offers several advantages, such as no need to avoid space debris and higher resolution with conventional camera systems. The satellite combines a range of innovations to achieve high resolution with fast capture times at low costs.


Staffbase provides an internal communications platform to unite companies and their employees behind a common purpose. Company communicators want a single place where they can reach and engage all employees across every channel.


Tediro is a startup company that offers a robotic solution named THERY, designed to assist medical and therapeutic staff in improving patient mobility, without the need for staff to be present.


We are a Software DeepTech start-up, developing a technology stack that simplifies human-robot interaction. It is our attempt at bringing a fresh perspective to the automation industry. Our approach is different. Instead of the usual, we prioritize the user in our software development, leveraging modern software engineering principles. Our motivation? We aim to provide businesses the tools to craft their own automation solutions, addressing broader challenges like labor shortages. But, at its core, our vision revolves around making robotics more accessible, with the hope of gradually transitioning everday tasks to more enriching activities.