German Startups Association - Region SaxonyGerman Startups Association - Region Saxony

Startups are the driving force of our future economy. Visionary founders have the courage to implement their great ideas. We support these entrepreneurs by representing their interests in the world of politics and business, as well as in the wider public. We organize debates on the key issues facing the courageous players within the startup ecosystem and make sure these topics get put on the political agenda. Our network enables dialog on an equal footing between startups, established companies and the political world. We transfer knowledge and experience from one generation of founders to the next and bring the startup culture inside SMEs and large corporations. We want to make Germany and Europe a place that welcomes startups, rewards those who are willing to take risks and provides the best conditions for today’s innovative pioneers to succeed. We are guided by the vision of an open, equal and progress-oriented society.

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