Kraftwerk TubesKraftwerk Tubes

Kraftwerk Tubes specializes in manufacturing power station tubes. These tubes can convert any gas into electricity, whether in a car or an aircraft.

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Energiekoppler GmbH is a startup based in Dresden, Germany, focusing on renewable energy integration. They specialize in connecting producers, storage, and consumers of various sizes into an intelligent network. This approach requires no significant investments and is designed to offer optimal customer value through standardized products. Energiekoppler GmbH aims to make renewable energy reliably available for all, facilitating the development of tomorrow's energy system. They provide the technical foundation for networking energy plants in their Flexibility Plant, a unique form of Virtual Power Plant, promoting intelligent, technology-open, and highly automated connections.


Kiwigrid is a company that has developed KiwiOS, a software platform designed to integrate, monitor and optimize numerous installations, systems, and partners of the decentralized energy world. The future of energy, according to them, is decentralized, digital, and green. Therefore, they provide the platform, while facilitating organizations to make a significant global impact.

Kraftwerk Tubes

Kraftwerk Tubes specializes in manufacturing power station tubes. These tubes can convert any gas into electricity, whether in a car or an aircraft.


Refuel.green is a company committed to contributing significantly to a CO2-neutral, renewable economy. The company is involved in the Power-to-X (PtX) industry, with a focus on replacing fossil fuels like oil and natural gas with CO2-neutral and renewable alternatives like e-fuels. They develop, manufacture, and market advanced plasma catalysis reactors, which will facilitate industrial-scale e-fuel production.


Sunfire is a leading global company in the field of high-temperature electrolysis and methanation. Based in Dresden, Germany, Sunfire develops and manufactures systems for renewable industrial gas and fuel production. They focus on power-to-x technology, converting electricity into hydrogen or synthetic natural gas, supporting the energy transition towards a more sustainable future. Sunfire's solutions are pivotal in reducing CO2 emissions in various industries, including chemical, oil, gas, and power generation sectors.

Think RE

Think RE GmbH, based in Leipzig, Germany, is a startup focused on facilitating the transition to renewable energy. The company offers a comprehensive range of services including workshops for structuring power purchase agreements (PPAs), financial modeling, and buying or selling renewable energy, as well as procurement and sales strategies for renewable energy stakeholders. With their digital green electricity procurement platform 'RE Wave', Think RE connects a verified network of energy buyers and sellers to initiate medium to long-term PPAs. This platform is designed to align PPA parameters with financial institutions' requirements, standardizing renewable energy transactions to accelerate the energy transition. Think RE has formed a strategic partnership with Munich Re to integrate weather risk mitigation into renewable energy projects, optimizing risk structures and making PPAs available even in volatile market conditions.


Wattando GmbH, founded in 2021 in Dresden, Germany, focuses on innovative solutions for the efficient integration of photovoltaic (PV) and storage systems. The company has developed a unique energy management system, 'Wattster', combining hardware and an app for plug-and-play integration of solar systems and storage units ranging from 1kW to 70kW. This technology enables the use of locally produced electricity in households with various connection possibilities, from plug connectors to direct wiring, catering to those who cannot make new installations or changes to their electrical setup. Wattando is part of the de:hub network, a digital ecosystem for startups supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.