Raylytic develops the only fully integrated platform for automated medical image analysis and clinical data extraction.

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Casida, founded in 2016 by Alexander Helm, is a health-focused company based in Werdau, Saxony. It specializes in natural health products, combining pharmaceutical expertise with naturopathy. The company stands out for its commitment to quality, natural ingredients, and purity in its products. Casida's vision is to unify pharmacy and naturopathy to create natural health products utilizing the power of nature for human health. The company was the winner of the 'Sachsen gründet - Start-up 2021' award, showcasing its innovative approach and public recognition in the sector.

Diafyt Medtech

Diafyt Medtech develops an app for people with diabetes.


DIPAT is Germany's first online medical service for effective living wills.


DOCYET develops a (SaaS-based) digital health platform for insurance carriers and hospital providers to improve care services and efficiency.


Raylytic develops the only fully integrated platform for automated medical image analysis and clinical data extraction.


veiio is an applied research project developing a digital assistant for the next generation of personalised and tangible physiotherapy. We investigate how tangible vibrations can guide patients through personalised exercises, making it easy to follow your therapist’s instructions even at home.

Was hab' ich?

'Was hab’ ich?' is a non-profit, independent company focused on providing understandable health information. It offers services like medical report translations, communication courses for medical professionals, patient letters from routine data, health information editing, and an interactive medical lexicon. Founded to enhance health communication, the team comprises doctors, IT experts, and health scientists dedicated to making medical information accessible and understandable.


eCovery is a digital health company offering physiotherapeutic solutions for musculoskeletal disorders (MSE). They aim to provide the best digital physiotherapeutic prevention and therapy offerings, focusing on technology-driven, location-independent, and scientifically-backed content. The company's vision is to offer comprehensive digital care for musculoskeletal health to all. Founded by a team of entrepreneurs, therapists, and scientists, eCovery addresses the need for precise and targeted solutions in both prevention and therapy of musculoskeletal issues.


Sleep disorders have become a major health concern. With our digital sleep training we can solve this problem by offering evidence based insomnia treatment according to international treatment guidelines at significantly lower costs than standard therapy regardless of the availability of a clinician, from anywhere, at any time and with virtually no access barriers.