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3dvisionlabs is a Germany-based startup company specializing in depth cameras. They have developed a novel technology for extremely wide viewing angles called HemiStereo.


5einhalb is a company that supplies radio systems for the most demanding industrial applications, which are as easy to configure as conventional WLAN. Through the smart use of redundancy, they ensure maximum reliability.

Additive Drives

Additive Drives is a company that enhances the performance of electric motors by up to 45% through the use of 3D-printed electric drives.


AirQ, developed by Corant GmbH and based in Chemnitz, Germany, is recognized as one of the most intelligent and powerful air quality measuring devices. It continuously and precisely monitors all important parameters of breathing air, alerting to immediate pollution threats and calculating an easily understandable health and performance index based on official threshold values, recommendations from health organizations, and scientific studies. The company has received support from the Sächsische Aufbaubank (SAB) for the development of sensors and sensor modules for measuring various gases, molecules, and pollutants, in collaboration with the Technische Universität Chemnitz. AirQ aims to identify pollutant sources effectively and enhance both health and productivity through improved air quality monitoring.


Alaska.Labs aids in digitalization by providing fresh perspectives on cloud technology. They assist in the centralization, optimization, and intelligent use of your infrastructure, business processes, and data. Their team of experts leverages their expertise and resources to facilitate your success.


Allpacka is a Europe-based courier company offering door-to-door parcel delivery services. They provide international shipping solutions for both personal use and businesses. Their services include same day pick up, online tracking, and competitive pricing.


We are a medical device startup based in Dresden, Germany. Our guiding star: harnessing the power of machine learning and state-of-the-art sensor technology to improve the lives of people who have lost their voice. The first group to benefit are patients who have lost their voice box because of tumor surgery, a procedure known as laryngectomy. But there are many more potential applications of our technology, both in speech rehabilitation and in non-medical fields.


Amvisor is the world's leading SaaS solution specifically designed for sellers to boost their Amazon business.


Authentic.network is a blockchain-based platform that offers solutions for digital twins. It guarantees secure and trustworthy digital replicas of physical assets, promoting transparency and efficacy. Their technology is primarily leveraged for the accurate recording of comprehensive product lifecycle data and counterfeit prevention.


Brinax is a Leipzig-based startup that specializes in producing sustainable car wash products. Launched with a unique 100% sustainable formula, their main product is an eco-friendly car shampoo that is fully biodegradable. The innovative product offers efficient cleaning through natural surfactants and is made in Germany with regional production. The core ingredients, including the natural surfactant source derived from rapeseed and natural preservatives from hop extract, are sourced locally, emphasizing Brinax's commitment to sustainability and regional cooperation.


Bytebuzzer is an organization that provides interactive stories without the need for coding, suited for daily customer interaction.


CENFOOD is the leading solution for procurement and distribution in the food retail sector. It offers an intelligent solution for consolidated procurement of drop-shipped items, which previously had to be individually sourced and invoiced from each supplier by food retailers.


CMMC GmbH, a spin-off of Chemnitz University of Technology, stands at the forefront of innovation, engineering and manufacturing. With a robust focus on precise German engineering, the company has carved a niche in the global market of high-strength an wear-resistant light metals (=AMC). CMMC can make the difference for mechanical engineering, vehicle construction, the aerospace and defense industry. The Freedom-to-Operate is guaranteed by several patent applications.


CampusGenius is a company focused on digitization through 5G campus networks. They are invested in Industry 4.0, seamless process transitions, and real-time control systems. Their operations aim to leverage the power of advanced technology for industrial efficiency.

Captis Space Systems

Captis Space Systems is a new approach to improving Earth observation. Their satellite system is designed to capture images from an altitude of 250 kilometers, which is about half the height of current Earth observation satellites. This height offers several advantages, such as no need to avoid space debris and higher resolution with conventional camera systems. The satellite combines a range of innovations to achieve high resolution with fast capture times at low costs.

Carl und Carla

Carl und Carla is a German startup that offers a convenient and innovative car-sharing service. They specialize in providing vans and minibuses for rent, catering to both private individuals and businesses. The company's service is designed for ease of use, with a focus on flexibility and affordability. Carl und Carla's fleet includes a range of vehicles to suit various needs, whether for moving, transportation of goods, or group travel. Their user-friendly platform allows customers to easily book and access vehicles, making them a popular choice for those seeking practical and reliable transportation solutions.


Casida, founded in 2016 by Alexander Helm, is a health-focused company based in Werdau, Saxony. It specializes in natural health products, combining pharmaceutical expertise with naturopathy. The company stands out for its commitment to quality, natural ingredients, and purity in its products. Casida's vision is to unify pharmacy and naturopathy to create natural health products utilizing the power of nature for human health. The company was the winner of the 'Sachsen gründet - Start-up 2021' award, showcasing its innovative approach and public recognition in the sector.


# **Wir sind Ihr Cloud-Service- & Cloud-Technologie-Provider aus Dresden.** **Stärken Sie Ihre digitale Souveränität und profitieren Sie von einem Jahrzehnt** **Erfahrung im nachhaltigen Cloud-Betrieb – auf unserer Infrastruktur oder on-prem.**


[WHO WE ARE](https://www.credoxys.com/company/about/) [WHAT WE DO](https://www.credoxys.com/products-technology/material-development/) [WHERE WE ARE GOING](https://www.credoxys.com/application/oled/) A deep-tech start-up with an inspired team of chemists, physicists and other professionals that make the difference. We develop high-performance organic electronic materials that solve customer problems and are ready for mass production. Our materials improve the power efficiency and longevity of OLED displays for smartphones and TVs, organic solar foils, sensors, and more.


Cyface GmbH, based in Dresden, Germany, specializes in the qualitative analysis and recording of traffic data. Their flagship product, the Cyface App, is a tool for measuring trips on roads, bicycle paths, or walkways. It records motion and vibration data using built-in smartphone sensors. The app provides a white-label option for customization according to project needs. Cyface GmbH's technology captures data such as road surface quality, route tracking, and traffic density, offering valuable insights for traffic management and safety analysis. Their digital logbook documents the route and duration of individual trips, and the road condition data is displayed on their web portal.

Dashfactory GmbH

Dashfactory is focused on urban mobility and bicycle safety. They have developed 'Dashbike,' the first legally compliant dashcam for bicycles in Germany. Dashbike records only when the minimum distance is not maintained, thus enhancing cycling safety. The company is also involved in digitizing the planning of cycling infrastructure through data analysis and evaluation. They are supported by bm|t beteiligungsmanagement

Davinci Kitchen

DaVinci Kitchen is developing the first cooking robot that can prepare dishes in organic quality.


Demecan is a German startup focusing on the production and distribution of medical cannabis. They are the only company in Germany that covers the entire production chain for medical cannabis, from cultivation to processing and distribution to pharmacies. As a pioneer in this field, Demecan aims to ensure a reliable supply of medical cannabis for patients in Germany and to contribute to scientific research in this area.


You want to improve your research using a relevant microenvironment for your cells, however the variety of products on the market is huge. To find out which one is the best for you is both time consuming and costly. You don’t want to test out multiple products and waste time reading lengthy protocols. Ideally, you want a product that provides you with biologically relevant microenvironments for your cells and reproducible results.


DevBoost is a high-performance software development company that assists in elevating your software product to the next level. Their teams help shift the focus away from constant trouble-shooting. Instead, they promote increased efficiency for your customers and seamless product development.

Diafyt Medtech

Diafyt Medtech develops an app for people with diabetes.


DIPAT is Germany's first online medical service for effective living wills.


Specializes in pro-audio connectivity, networking, and bridging solutions for broadcast, studio, live, and installed sound applications.


DOCYET develops a (SaaS-based) digital health platform for insurance carriers and hospital providers to improve care services and efficiency.

EcoLogic Computing

EcoLogic Computing, based in Dresden, Germany, is a pioneer in developing software that significantly reduces energy consumption in data processing, transfer, and storage. Leveraging breakthroughs in novel hardware platforms and a rethinking of foundational information theory principles, the company offers innovative solutions in omnipresent, AI-driven, fast, and distributed computing. Their product portfolio encompasses digital, analog, quantum, and biological computing, aiming for massive energy reduction, increased resilience in storage, and decreased data volume in storage and transport.


Ekoio was a provider of telematics solutions, aimed at promoting ecological-economic driving through a smartphone application for cars. The company's system offered key data on driving habits and rewarded fuel-conscious performance with bonuses. It was founded by Thomas Kuwatsch in 2014 but is no longer active.


Endohealth is an organization spearheaded by a medical professional specializing in endometriosis. Their mission is to consolidate the latest scientific information about the disease and make it widely accessible via their website and app. They also provide tools such as a symptom diary and recommendations from multimodal pain therapy to aid clinicians and patients in finding the most effective treatment approaches.


Energiekoppler GmbH is a startup based in Dresden, Germany, focusing on renewable energy integration. They specialize in connecting producers, storage, and consumers of various sizes into an intelligent network. This approach requires no significant investments and is designed to offer optimal customer value through standardized products. Energiekoppler GmbH aims to make renewable energy reliably available for all, facilitating the development of tomorrow's energy system. They provide the technical foundation for networking energy plants in their Flexibility Plant, a unique form of Virtual Power Plant, promoting intelligent, technology-open, and highly automated connections.


EntwicklerHeld is Germany's largest coding platform, designed for developers of all experience levels. It offers an interactive environment where software developers can engage in creatively formulated coding challenges during their free time, allowing them to compete with others, enhance their skills, and discover companies. The platform facilitates direct interaction between developers and companies, showcasing company projects and job offers in an interactive way. Companies can view small work samples and statistical assessments of developers, streamlining the assessment process in recruitment.

Erzlabor Advanced Solutions GmbH

Founded in 2017 as a spin-off of the Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology, Erzlabor specializes in automated materials characterization and complex resource analytics. They offer services for analyzing rocks, mineral resources, and inorganic materials, aiding in increasing resource efficiency and sustainability. Located in Freiberg, they provide analyses, support, and consulting across the entire raw material value chain, from exploration to recycling.


Evergreen is a company that makes investing and saving money simple and flexible with just a few clicks. They ensure maximum security, transparency, and daily availability of your sustainable investment. Evergreen is geared towards making money management effortless and accessible.

Ferroelectric Memory

FMC – The Ferroelectric Memory Company solves one of the most important hardware challenges in the age of Internet-of-Things. Fabless companies as well as semiconductor manufacturers are nowadays looking for embedded nonvolatile memory solutions (eNVM) that enable products like microcontrollers (MCU) to follow Moore’s law. However, legacy eNVM solutions like eFlash cannot provide cost effective solutions that are so in need for the age of IoT.


Flexora specializes in advanced sensor technology, particularly flexible sensor foils for energy transition and Industry 4.0. Their sensor foils are used for large-scale monitoring of physical parameters like temperature and pressure. The technology finds applications in various sectors including energy, logistics, wastewater treatment, chemical and paper industries, and infrastructure. Flexora was founded as a spin-off from the Dresden Integrated Center for Applied Physics and Photonic Materials of the Technical University of Dresden. Key team members include co-founders Dr. Michael Sawatzki (CTO), Dr. David Kneppe, Clemens Haist (CEO), and Kivanc Ararat. The project is supported under the EXIST program by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Social Fund.


Fluorizon ist eine contract research organization (CRO), das internationalen (radio)pharmazeutischen Unternehmen Dienstleistungen für die Vorbereitung und präklinische Bewertung von radioaktiv markierten Molekülen (Radiopharmazeutika) anbietet. Die einzigartige Radiomarkierungstechnologie von Fluorizon ermöglicht es, Moleküle (z. B. Arzneimittelkandidaten) schnell und effizient radioaktiv zu markieren. Die molekulare Radiomarkierung bietet Kunden die Möglichkeit, wichtige Erkenntnisse darüber zu gewinnen, wie ihre Moleküle in zellulären Assays oder in Kleintiermodellen wirken. Die Dienste, die Fluorizon zur Verfügung stellt, können für die beschleunigte Entwicklung von Radiopharmazeutika genutzt werden. Fluorizon kooperiert dabei exklusiv mit dem Institut für Radiopharmazeutische Krebsforschung des Helmholtz-Zentrums Dresden-Rossendorf und der Abteilung „Radiopharmazeutische und chemische Biologie“ für PET imaging Experimente.


All-in-One-Plattform zur Datengenerierung für Unternehmen, die Drohnen und KI einsetzen

Freiberg Institut GmbH

Freiberg Institut GmbH develops B2B software for the energy and housing industry, focusing on balancing factors like economy, ecology, technology, and energy law. Located in Freiberg, they specialize in innovative energy and mobility products, including the Edgar software for planning and dimensioning energy systems in fields like district heating, power supply, and hydrogen.

Fusion Bionic

Fusion Bionic specializes in bio-inspired laser texturing of surfaces suitable for industries such as automotive, aviation, medical technology, and more. The company has over 20 years of experience in utilizing advanced laser technologies to enhance the performance of various products. Developed in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology IWS and the Technical University of Dresden, Fusion Bionic's DLIP (Direct Laser Interference Patterning) is a unique solution inspired by natural surfaces like lotus leaves, shark skin, and butterfly wings. This technology integrates advanced surface functions such as self-cleaning, ice protection, antibacterial effects, and decoration into technical surfaces through laser-based surface functionalization.

Grünspecht Vision Labs

Grünspecht Vision Labs is dedicated to building a more sustainable tomorrow with the help of AI and computer vision technologies. Our mission is to stop the waste of resources by making machines, processes and cities smarter and more efficient.


Ever wondered what a buzzing shoe, a purring pillow or a rumbling wallet might feel like? Few applications of haptic feedback exist besides smartphones and game controllers due to the complex development process. At Hapticlabs, we develop intuitive solutions to democratize the field and bring tangible interactions into our everyday lives.


Herone is a startup based in Dresden, Germany, specializing in the production of advanced composite materials. Their primary focus is on developing and manufacturing high-performance carbon fiber-reinforced plastics (CFRP) using innovative processes. These materials are known for their exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, making them ideal for applications in aerospace, automotive, and sports equipment industries. Herone's expertise in composite technology positions them as a significant contributor to the advancement of lightweight and efficient material solutions.


HolyPoly is a company that aids responsible brands in keeping their plastic in circulation. They serve as a full-service partner for the high-quality use of recycled plastics and the development of innovative recycling programs.


HYDRABYTE specializes in multi-robot technology, aiming to maximize productivity by revolutionizing efficiency in systems where single-robot programs are limited. The company focuses on developing custom algorithms and software tools to address complex multi-robot challenges, enabling efficient control and optimization of robot solutions. HYDRABYTE's expertise lies in integrating a variety of robot types to create powerful multi-robot systems, irrespective of manufacturer or model. Their dedicated team continuously advances their cutting-edge technology, positioning HYDRABYTE as a leader in innovation, efficiency, and excellence in the implementation of multi-robot systems.


In besonders sicherheitssensiblen Branchen ist die routinemäßige Kontrolle von Ausgangsstoffen und -materialien obligatorisch. Denn immer dann, wenn in der Produktion die Beimischung unerwünschter Nebenprodukte ausgeschlossen werden muss, sind aufwendige Prüfverfahren unerlässlich. Mit unseren Analysegeräten kann die Prüfung vieler flüssiger, halbfester und fester Substanzen jetzt in Prozessketten integriert werden. Dank optischer Messverfahren wie der Nahinfrarot-Spektroskopie lassen sich so kritische Parameter wie die Konzentration von Fetten, Eiweißen oder Wasser permanent und millisekundengenau bereits während des Herstellungsprozesses überprüfen.


SQIN, now known as IQONIC.AI, is an innovative company that specializes in AI-driven skin and hair analysis. Co-founded by Martin Pentenrieder and Maria-Liisa Bruckert, the company initially focused on skin health but has since expanded to include haircare and nutritional supplements. Using AI algorithms, IQONIC.AI analyzes users' skin and hair, offering personalized product recommendations. This approach aids in preventive healthcare and reduces the need for trial-and-error in product selection. The company, which underwent a rebranding from SQIN to IQONIC.AI, now offers its algorithms as a SaaS solution to other brands and retailers.


IndeeWork is a software company specializing in the development of Micro-Software-as-a-Service solutions for field service management automation. Founded in 2016, it initially started as a platform for freelancers and now provides integrated, automated field service workflows and consulting support throughout the lifecycle of custom software development projects.


Infrasolid is a high-tech company based in Dresden, Germany, specializing in the development and manufacturing of high-performance infrared radiation sources for NDIR gas analysis and IR spectroscopy. Their applications span environmental protection, exhaust gas measurement, explosion and fire protection, building services engineering, and medical technology. Infrasolid is a spin-off of the Institute for Solid State Electronics at the TU Dresden, with a rich history in infrared measurement technology dating back to 1971. They hold patents for the production of extremely thin, highly absorbent layers for thermal infrared sensors, which form the basis for their innovative infrared radiation sources.


INSONE develops scientifically-founded hardware and software solutions. Based in Leipzig, Germany, the company focuses on services including goal-oriented sound optimization, adaptive technology, scientifically based success measurements, noise reduction, individual background acoustics, and hearing and voice protection. INSONE has received recognition for its technology, such as the Public Value Award from the city of Leipzig.

JT Energy Systems GmbH

Founded in 2019, JT Energy Systems GmbH develops and produces energy systems for industrial trucks, specializing in intralogistics. They are establishing the largest European production center for batteries in intralogistics in Freiberg, focusing on lithium-ion battery technology, energy storage modules, and other industrial applications. The company also refurbishes lithium-ion batteries and is recognized among the top 100 medium-sized companies.


JUBEFA GmbH is a real estate company based in Dresden, specializing in brokerage services and project development. Their expertise includes the sale of existing properties as well as the planning and renovation of buildings. They also offer services for properties that are difficult to sell due to their condition, location, or history, acting as a 'recycling yard' for such properties.


Kinoda GmbH is a family-run business, composed of various brands. Deepnetic is the research and development brand of Kinoda GmbH focusing on AI-based services and applications for businesses. Nastigrafie is the media-oriented brand of Kinoda GmbH with a focus on photography and social networks.


Kiwigrid is a company that has developed KiwiOS, a software platform designed to integrate, monitor and optimize numerous installations, systems, and partners of the decentralized energy world. The future of energy, according to them, is decentralized, digital, and green. Therefore, they provide the platform, while facilitating organizations to make a significant global impact.

Kopernikus Automotive

Founded in 2016 by Stefan Jenzowsky and Tim von Törne, Kopernikus Automotive GmbH is a Leipzig-based AI startup specializing in driverless, highly automated parking and autonomous maneuvering. The company received a €3 million follow-up investment from Continental and the TGFS Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen. Kopernikus focuses on Autonomous Valet Parking and infrastructure-based maneuvering, employing cameras and computers for vehicle monitoring and operation, typically in settings like parking garages, logistics centers, or vehicle factories.

Kraftwerk Tubes

Kraftwerk Tubes specializes in manufacturing power station tubes. These tubes can convert any gas into electricity, whether in a car or an aircraft.


### lavelio identifies success parameter for Instagram post by using Artificial Intelligence **Say „Wow“ to new insights** We uncover the black box of content marketing and show you which content your customers like and dislike. **Say „Hi“ to improved KPIs** We improve your KPIs and maximize the return on investment for visual and social content. **Say „Bye“ to A/B-testing** With our Artificial Intelligence, we predict how followers will engage with your social media content. ### **HOW THE PLATFORM WORKS** ### User-friendly design and actionable insights **Dashboard Overview** Overview of the past performance, category comparisons, your main visual drivers and decreasers and best performing weekdays and daytimes. **Feed Insights** Detailed insights into distribution and impact of various visual elements of feed posts and trend analyses **Story Insights** Detailed insights into story elements and which impact they have on the social media performance ### **WHAT YOU GET FROM LAVELIO** ### Visual elements that increase reach and engagement   - [FashionBeautyJewellery](https://lavel.io/#) Select an industry and discover potential analysis categories - [People CountTextile ColorTextile Pattern](https://lavel.io/#) ### **WHAT CUSTOMERS SAY ABOUT LAVELIO** The approach of lavelio is very innovative! Using Artificial Intelligence to analyze social media content and interactions reveals new perspectives and recommendations. **Jonas Freistedt** _Founder and CEO – Licargo_ [123](https://lavel.io/#) SEND REQUEST Our supporters Connect with us on social media - Copyright 2022 Lavelio GmbH. All Rights Reserved. - [Impressum](https://lavel.io/impressum/) - [Privacy Policy](https://lavel.io/privacy-policy/) -


Founded in 2008 by Pascal Bendien and Stefan Wisbauer in Leipzig, Lecturio is a learning platform specializing in law, medicine, tax, and business education. Catering to both individuals and businesses, it has expanded internationally since 2016, focusing on medical courses. Lecturio has raised $58.2 million over 9 funding rounds, with the latest from Sterling Partners and Inspara Partners. The platform operates in the B2C sector, offering a wide range of online courses.


LiGenium is a Chemnitz-based startup specializing in sustainable machinery and plant engineering. They develop machine elements, machines, and complete systems using renewable materials, primarily wood and wood-based materials. Their products include high-quality wood-based materials for transport and delivery carts, particularly for the automotive industry. LiGenium's technology combines technical, economic, and ecological benefits, offering light, robust, and environmentally friendly solutions. Founded in 2018, the company has a team size of 1-10 employees and is headquartered in Chemnitz, Germany.

Lipsia Digital

Lipsia Digital specializes in implementing digital transformations and developing digital solutions. Their expertise includes software engineering, information systems, digital products, CRM systems, IT consulting, websites and web apps, e-commerce solutions, custom applications, and enterprise platforms. They focus on future-oriented technologies, digitization strategies, and offer comprehensive support for developing digital business models and information logistics.


We are an IT consulting company with a strong background in software development and virtual / cloud infrastructures. With a holistic approach to IT teams, we analyse, define and implement processes & tools based on industry best practices.

Mana Robotics

# **Let's bring** # **autonomous cooking** # **to the home!** We combine cutting edge robotics, machine learning and embedded hardware to build an AI-powered device that cooks fresh & healthy meals for you and your family.


Mataono ist eine SaaS, die aus Meetings Erlebnisse macht, die auf Emotionen basieren


MeinDoc revolutionises the concept of surgical care and simplifies the traditional and complex patient-doctor communications. We aim to enhance the health literacy of patients significantly by providing them with state of the art 3D-based visualisations.


Merolt is a new booking tool for business travelers, making hotel reservations cheaper, faster, and easier.


Meshmerize is a company that provides reliable mesh network solutions for dynamic wireless networks. They specialize in services for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and industrial robots.


Mimetik creates innovative smart gloves powered by AI, featuring the world's first industrial sensor for reading human activity. These gloves offer training, optimization, and real-time assistance in industrial settings, digitizing manual work steps with high efficiency and privacy standards.

Morpheus Space

Morpheus Space is a leading spacetech startup based in Saxony, known for producing the world's smallest and most efficient satellite propulsion systems. Originating as a research project at the Dresden University of Technology, the company specializes in maneuvering small satellites and addressing space debris challenges. With a team of over 50 specialists in Dresden and Los Angeles, Morpheus Space is at the forefront of the NewSpace movement, aiming to make space travel safer and more accessible. Their innovative propulsion systems are crucial for precise satellite constellation positioning and space junk removal. Morpheus Space has attracted investment from notable entities including Airbus and In-Q-Tel.


NEX ENGINEERING, based in Leipzig, Germany, offers an innovative approach to managing infrastructure projects. Their platform integrates all phases of an infrastructure project, including planning, area securing, construction, operation, and maintenance, into a unified and intuitive system. NEX ENGINEERING aims to radically shorten the planning process using AI to handle repetitive and operation-based planning tasks. This approach allows more capacity for creative and future-oriented planning. The platform's mission is to enable infrastructure operators to plan, build, operate, and maintain their networks quickly, effectively, and legally securely, supporting a green and sustainable future.


Nadar is a SaaS startup based in Leipzig, Germany, specializing in satellite data and machine learning to monitor and protect forests globally. They offer a unique online platform that uses satellite imagery, weather data, and radar information to accurately track forest development. This platform is specifically designed for the CO2 market, allowing for transparent and accurate assessment of forests' contributions to climate protection. Nadar aims to protect over 12 million hectares of forest, capable of storing 127 million tons of CO2.


Naventik is a company that enables satellite navigation for automated driving. This technology is geared towards enhancing the efficiency and safety of autonomous vehicles.


Neuronade is an innovative drinking powder for mental performance. The "think drink" contains natural plant extracts like ginkgo biloba, brahmi & rhodiola rosea as well as important micronutrients for the brain.

Nibiru Systems

Nibiru Systems is a team combining technical, methodological, and scientific expertise, focused on developing data strategies and AI solutions. The company helps businesses optimize their processes, market positioning, and decision-making through AI. Nibiru Systems is a long-term, sustainable partner, assisting from data generation and understanding to the development of new business ideas and the planning of Data-Science strategies, leading to implementation. One of their products, PreMade, is an innovative software solution for predictive maintenance and machine health monitoring using modern deep learning methods, essential for the successful digitalization of production in Industry 4.0.


Packwise is a company that offers the Smart Cap, a device that digitalizes analog containers for tracking purposes. It collects data directly from the container about its fill level, temperature, location, and movement using advanced Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology. This data can be integrated into your ERP system through Packwise Flow, their Digital Supply Chain Hub.


Pamyra is a company that creates a user-friendly online platform for logistics, combining the concepts of carpooling and comparison platforms.

Parforce GmbH

Parforce GmbH, a spin-off of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg, specializes in recovering phosphoric acid from phosphate-containing waste materials. This process reintroduces valuable resources into a closed material cycle. It's also part of PARFORCE-Technology Cooperation GmbH, collaborating with the CFH Group to combine specialized plant construction expertise with scientific innovation.


Payactive is a payment platform simplifying transactions for businesses, with a concentration on secure and easy payment methods like direct debit and transfer. They offer flexible modules for recurring payments, automatic billing and product purchase processing that enable innovative business models. Additionally, both you and your customers can contribute to the betterment of our world at no cost, thanks to Payactive's Social Cashback.


We offer a low-code software suite to simplify IoT data exchange by 10x. We enable secure, self-organized devices and networks - and with it the WWW of IoT.


## TÄTIGKEITSFELDER PIKOBYTES entwickelt Softwarelösungen und Datendienste für ein digitales Abbild unserer Welt. Als IT-Startup sind wir spezialisiert auf die Entwicklung leistungsfähiger Cloud-Services für die Integration und Auswertung von Umweltdaten und unterstützen Unternehmen bei datengetriebenen Entscheidungen.


PowerON, a startup with branches in Auckland, New Zealand, and Dresden, Germany, specializes in smart soft sensor and actuator solutions for robotics and interfacing technologies. Founded in 2019, it originated from a project at the Biomimetics Lab at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute in 2015. PowerON is revolutionizing robotics with their innovative approach to soft electronics, focusing on developing tactile arrays and multifunctional dielectric elastomer components for robotic applications.


Prodlane is a digital workspace for industrial product development. It guides the users through their innovation process and creates intelligent documentation that connects the created content directly with the underlying data, enabling full transparency and data-driven decision making while significantly reducing reporting effort.


### Mit QLX smarttrass planen Sie Straßen, Schienen, Stromfreileitungen - extrem schnell, hochgradig intuitiv, weitgehend automatisiert.


QcomBIT is a company based in Dresden, which realises and provides software solutions and services in order to employ quantum technologies efficiently and effectively in 5G and future 6G networks … ### [Our Vision](https://www.qcombit.com/our-vision/) 6G networks and the Quantum Internet will unleash new unprecedented possibilities and services in the next two decades. On the 6G side, in-network computing, in-network intelligence, and full network softwarization …

RMF Tech GmbH

RMF Tech GmbH, a spin-off from the TU Bergakademie Freiberg, focuses on extracting valuable metals from production residues or pile materials. With expertise in smelting, mining, disposal, chemistry, photovoltaics, recycling, and environmental technology, they also conduct research in lithium extraction and offer innovative recycling processes for metals like indium and gallium.


Straßenbau, Gebäudetrocknung, chemikalienfreier Holzschutz, Abluftreinigung, Wasserstofftrocknung, Textil-, Papier- oder Holztrocknung, die Einsatzgebiete von direkten Erwärmungsverfahren wie Mikro- oder Radiowellen sind so vielfältig wie die Produkte selbst. Gerade in Zeiten, in denen Produktionsschritte und technische Handgriffe immer schneller, effizienter, und vor allem umweltfreundlicher gestaltet werden müssen, ist der Eintrag von Strom aus regenerativen Quellen direkt in das zu erwärmende Material oftmals der beste Weg, die neuen Herausforderungen zu bewältigen.


Raylytic develops the only fully integrated platform for automated medical image analysis and clinical data extraction.


Refuel.green is a company committed to contributing significantly to a CO2-neutral, renewable economy. The company is involved in the Power-to-X (PtX) industry, with a focus on replacing fossil fuels like oil and natural gas with CO2-neutral and renewable alternatives like e-fuels. They develop, manufacture, and market advanced plasma catalysis reactors, which will facilitate industrial-scale e-fuel production.

ReviSalt GmbH

ReviSalt GmbH, specializing in the chemical strengthening of glass, offers innovative solutions for producing break-resistant and scratch-resistant glass that is thinner, lighter, more stable, and cost-effective. As a spin-off from the Institute for Glass and Glass Technology of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg, they focus on developing, producing, and distributing regeneration and cleaning materials for salt baths.


Rhebo is a company that specializes in protecting industrial control systems and critical infrastructures. It is dedicated to preventing failures and protecting against cyber attacks.


Gedruckte Elektronik vereinfacht durch InkTech - Tinten- und Produktionstechnologie für nachhaltige Elektronik


**SEMODIA** sagt monolithischen Anlagen sowie Vendor Lock den Kampf an und sorgt dafür, dass manuelle Rekonfigurationen von Labor, Technikum und Produktion der Vergangenheit angehören. Damit tritt SEMODIA an, um die Wertschöpfung Ihrer modularen Anlage zu steigern. Mit langjähriger Expertise in der Prozessindustrie und Automatisierungstechnik hat das Tech-Unternehmen Softwareprodukte und Dienstleistungen geschaffen, die die Effizienz steigern, Ressourcen einsparen und damit die Prozessindustrie revolutionieren.


Senodis is an organization centered around identification, information, and insights. It operates under the core principles of collecting and analyzing data to provide valuable insights for various purposes. The company's commitment to in-depth analysis makes them unique in their field.


Senorics GmbH, based in Dresden, focuses on novel near-infrared spectroscopy sensors, smaller than a 1-Cent coin, for integration in household devices or smartphones. These sensors enable touchless analysis of ingredients, previously possible only with large spectrometers in labs. The startup closed a Pre-Series-A funding round of over €8 million from FIDURA Fonds, TGFS, and new investors. Founded by Dr. Ronny Timmreck, Senorics aims to scale its technology for industrial use, allowing for process monitoring and quality control through detection of impurities.


Sensape GmbH, based in Leipzig, Germany, is an innovative company specializing in augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI). Co-founded by Artur Lohrer, Sensape aims to revolutionize modern storytelling and interactive technologies. Their vision focuses on developing intelligent machines that enrich everyday life, spread joy, and enhance self-confidence through digital communication in the physical world. Sensape offers unique solutions that push the boundaries of what's possible, from AI-powered storefronts to interactive screens, automatic mask recognition, virtual queues, AR games, virtual try-on systems, and interactive customer promoters. Their approach aims to transform traditional methods of customer attraction and engagement at points of interest.

Sixonia Tech

Sixonia Tech specializes in producing few-layer, large flake graphene materials, customized to meet client-specific processing needs. They provide a solution for sourcing the ideal E-Graphene for different applications, particularly as an additive in polymers or ink formulations. Sixonia Tech's developers can tailor the right material to fulfill a variety of requirements ranging from simple dispersions to polymer composites.


Smarobix specializes in the development and integration of efficient, accelerated robotics systems. They focus on transparent, efficient, and intelligent integration of accelerators in robotic middlewares. Their mission is to provide system integrators with innovative low-code solutions for FPGA-based acceleration of robotic systems. They strive to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency through expertise in FPGA design, low-code development, and robotics. The company aims to revolutionize the robotics industry with cutting-edge technology for faster, more efficient, and reliable robotic systems.

SmartNanotubes Technologies

SmartNanotubes Technologies, founded by Viktor Bezugly and Birte Sönnichsen, is a German startup that developed the world's first micro power multi-channel gas detector chip, Smell iX16, for the mass market. The company's innovative sensor chip, based on nanotechnology, is highly efficient, compact, and modular, capable of detecting multiple gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In 2022, SmartNanotubes Technologies raised €2.4 million in its Series A funding round, with lead investors being Cottonwood Technology Fund and duotec GmbH.


SpeechMind is an innovative startup focusing on AI-driven recruitment solutions. It provides a platform that improves the efficiency of the hiring process by utilizing AI to analyze and organize communication between candidates and recruiters. SpeechMind's AI-powered solution serves as a central interface between verbal communication and HR tools, offering performance monitoring and analysis tools to continuously improve the recruitment process.


We transform the full spectrum of your plants into actionable insights for the best results. SpexAI® is the leading provider of cutting-edge imaging technology and growth insights for the global cannabis industry. We are building smart spectral cameras to monitor your cannabis plants 24/7 and deliver real-time data on cannabinoids, diseases, pests and more. Odin, our advanced AI, is constantly learning and eager to make the most out of the data delivered by Hugin, our smart camera. You can ask Odin for the current cannabinoid content of all your plants and get a forecast for the future. It will become as natural as asking Alexa for tomorrow’s weather. With SpexAI®, you'll have access to the most comprehensive and accurate information about your plants, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and achieve the best results possible


Spinncloud is an organisation that provides a real-time, low-latency, and energy-efficient cognitive AI platform. Their unique solution combines Deep Learning, Symbolic AI, and Neuromorphic computing. It is based on the cutting-edge research from the Human Brain Project.


Staffbase provides an internal communications platform to unite companies and their employees behind a common purpose. Company communicators want a single place where they can reach and engage all employees across every channel.


Streamcheck24 offers urinary early detection without a doctor visit by providing a home-based, AI-supported urine analysis via an app. Through long-term monitoring, it aims to prevent urological diseases in time and to maintain and improve one's quality of life.

Summaxx PVT

With our unique technology, we combine solar and automotive expertise in our products for sector coupling. Our goal is to revolutionize the electricity and heat market, pursuing a vision of completely climate-neutral residential, office, and industrial buildings. PVT modules, especially in combination with heat pumps, offer an efficient heat supply and passive cooling without the need for fossil fuels. We have been active in Dresden since 2021, developing attractively priced PVT systems that are suitable for mass production. With this, we are contributing to an economical decarbonization of the heating sector.


Sunfire is a leading global company in the field of high-temperature electrolysis and methanation. Based in Dresden, Germany, Sunfire develops and manufactures systems for renewable industrial gas and fuel production. They focus on power-to-x technology, converting electricity into hydrogen or synthetic natural gas, supporting the energy transition towards a more sustainable future. Sunfire's solutions are pivotal in reducing CO2 emissions in various industries, including chemical, oil, gas, and power generation sectors.


Supratix is a company that is revolutionizing learning in organizations through their AI-based learning and skill management solution. With over six years of leading research and development, and in partnership with top global companies like Viessmann, SK Group, and Wilo, they provide sustainable, needs-based further education. Their goal is to shape the future of learning.


SweepMe! is a creative and flexible test & measurement software. You can create procedures in short time by drag&drop of modules in a tree-like sequencer tool. Any instrument can be added via an open interface by using python programming language. Drivers of already implemented devices are used and shared across all users. We wish you a lot of fun while measuring and good results!


Tediro is a startup company that offers a robotic solution named THERY, designed to assist medical and therapeutic staff in improving patient mobility, without the need for staff to be present.


Texlock develops a new bike lock made from high-tech textiles.

Think RE

Think RE GmbH, based in Leipzig, Germany, is a startup focused on facilitating the transition to renewable energy. The company offers a comprehensive range of services including workshops for structuring power purchase agreements (PPAs), financial modeling, and buying or selling renewable energy, as well as procurement and sales strategies for renewable energy stakeholders. With their digital green electricity procurement platform 'RE Wave', Think RE connects a verified network of energy buyers and sellers to initiate medium to long-term PPAs. This platform is designed to align PPA parameters with financial institutions' requirements, standardizing renewable energy transactions to accelerate the energy transition. Think RE has formed a strategic partnership with Munich Re to integrate weather risk mitigation into renewable energy projects, optimizing risk structures and making PPAs available even in volatile market conditions.


Tokenize.it is a pioneering startup focused on blockchain technology and tokenization services. Based in Germany, they offer innovative solutions for digitizing assets and creating blockchain-based tokens. These tokens can represent various types of assets, including real estate, artwork, and financial instruments. Tokenize.it's services facilitate secure, transparent, and efficient transactions, making it easier for businesses and individuals to leverage the benefits of blockchain technology. Their platform is particularly useful for companies looking to explore new financing models or streamline asset management processes.


We primarily focus our activities on a class of cellular biomarkers called integrins, in order to establish innovative clinical schemes for enhancing lifetimes and the quality of lives of patients with the most dreadful forms of this disease. Follow us on our mission to exploit the most powerful and recent advances in bio- and radionuclide technology for the advancement of cancer diagnosis and therapy.


veiio is an applied research project developing a digital assistant for the next generation of personalised and tangible physiotherapy. We investigate how tangible vibrations can guide patients through personalised exercises, making it easy to follow your therapist’s instructions even at home.


Vesputi creates a mobility platform for modern cities. We digitally join private and public infrastructures, in order to help cities keeping their public transit network a sustainable backbone. Vesputi raises urban life quality by making intermodal transit a reality.


Vizzlo creates individual business graphics. Whether for presentations, business documents, or the Web – with Vizzlo anybody can visualize their ideas in seconds.


We combine years of research in the battery and cloud computing sectors with a widely branched network within the worlds of both scientists and practitioners. As a spin off from Fraunhofer, our young and innovative team is motivated to make battery diagnostics a commodity.

WAKU Robotics

WAKU Robotics GmbH is a technology company that offers the WAKU Platform, a software platform for the successful operation of AGV & AMR fleets. The platform is used by international clients for efficient maintenance and asset management, process analysis and improvement, as well as manufacturer-independent fleet control, including order management. The WAKU Platform enables the digitization of all processes from the first proof of concept with FTS, AGV, and AMR. Modules like Care & Analytics support maintenance (preventive maintenance) and analysis of all processes of the FTS fleet. With the Fleet module, clients can control their robot fleet independently of the manufacturer and according to popular industry standards, whether starting with a small fleet or planning a corporate-wide strategy.


We are a Software DeepTech start-up, developing a technology stack that simplifies human-robot interaction. It is our attempt at bringing a fresh perspective to the automation industry. Our approach is different. Instead of the usual, we prioritize the user in our software development, leveraging modern software engineering principles. Our motivation? We aim to provide businesses the tools to craft their own automation solutions, addressing broader challenges like labor shortages. But, at its core, our vision revolves around making robotics more accessible, with the hope of gradually transitioning everday tasks to more enriching activities.

Was hab' ich?

'Was hab’ ich?' is a non-profit, independent company focused on providing understandable health information. It offers services like medical report translations, communication courses for medical professionals, patient letters from routine data, health information editing, and an interactive medical lexicon. Founded to enhance health communication, the team comprises doctors, IT experts, and health scientists dedicated to making medical information accessible and understandable.


Wattando GmbH, founded in 2021 in Dresden, Germany, focuses on innovative solutions for the efficient integration of photovoltaic (PV) and storage systems. The company has developed a unique energy management system, 'Wattster', combining hardware and an app for plug-and-play integration of solar systems and storage units ranging from 1kW to 70kW. This technology enables the use of locally produced electricity in households with various connection possibilities, from plug connectors to direct wiring, catering to those who cannot make new installations or changes to their electrical setup. Wattando is part of the de:hub network, a digital ecosystem for startups supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.


Wattron is an organization that focuses on optimizing the manufacturing world of tomorrow. Through their disruptive technology platform, they provide their customers with comprehensive understanding and full control over their thermal processes. This enables them to deliver the best quality and achieve maximum efficiency.


# Unsere Geschichte Mitten in der Pandemie begannen wir zu träumen. Aus dem Home Office heraus sehnten wir uns nach einem Ort, an dem sich Erholung in der Natur mit Spaß an der Arbeit verbinden lassen. Nie waren wir so frei in der Wahl unseres Arbeitsorts und dennoch fehlte der passende Raum. Diese neue Freiheit wollen mit dem workhut nutzen. Für Menschen, die Kraft aus der Natur schöpfen und neue Perspektiven suchen. Für Unternehmen, die von neuen Ideen und einem zufriedeneren Team profitieren.


Zenesis automatisiert Planungsprozesse der technischen Gebäudeplanung


alphaspeech is a Dresden and Leipzig based company which targets the development of speech recognition and speech processing products and services - tailored to customer requirements, applications and environmental conditions.


Anvajo GmbH is a Dresden-based technology company specializing in the development, manufacturing, and sale of innovative solutions for fluid analysis. Their flagship product, the 'fluidlab', offers a compact platform for fluid analysis, integrating technologies like holographic microscopy, machine-learning-supported image analysis, and mobile embedded hardware. Anvajo initially started as a project at the Dresden University of Technology and has seen significant growth and expansion, including securing Series-A funding of 17.7 million Euros in 2022. The company's solutions are tailored for applications in healthcare, biotechnology, and veterinary medicine.


beeOLED is a startup that specializes in the development and manufacture of innovative OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) technology. Based in Germany, the company focuses on creating OLED panels that are known for their energy efficiency, high-quality light output, and thin, flexible design. beeOLED's technology is used in a variety of applications, including lighting, displays, and signage, offering advanced solutions for both commercial and consumer markets. Their commitment to advancing OLED technology positions them as a key player in the field of advanced lighting and display solutions.


bitteiler specializes in developing AI-aided compression software, significantly reducing data volume generated by IoT sensors, achieving up to a 90% reduction in data size within the sensors before transmission. This innovation leads to cost savings in data transmission and storage. bitteiler GmbH focuses on research, development, and distribution of software, hardware, and services in communication networks, data acquisition, transmission, processing, and storage. They enhance IoT networks, ensuring efficient information capture and discovery. bitteiler offers a plug-and-play solution, enabling industry 4.0-ready production processes that are efficient and secure, including in-network compression and coding.


Colpari, founded in 2019 by René, Oliver, Daniel, and Frank, is a leading player in customer service, based in Leipzig, Saxony. With over 35 years of experience in customer service and customer experience, colpari offers a platform that provides all components of effective customer support on demand. The company aims to revolutionize customer service by offering a tailored solution for startups, with a focus on scalability and flexibility to match the evolving needs of businesses.


eCovery is a digital health company offering physiotherapeutic solutions for musculoskeletal disorders (MSE). They aim to provide the best digital physiotherapeutic prevention and therapy offerings, focusing on technology-driven, location-independent, and scientifically-backed content. The company's vision is to offer comprehensive digital care for musculoskeletal health to all. Founded by a team of entrepreneurs, therapists, and scientists, eCovery addresses the need for precise and targeted solutions in both prevention and therapy of musculoskeletal issues.


eat.de, based in Zwickau, Saxony, is a startup that operates as a food magazine, offering over 2,000 recipes and video tutorials. Founded in 2020, the company has quickly established itself as a strong brand in the food sector. eat.de is known for its self-cooked and curated recipes and 'How To' guides, catering to food enthusiasts, kitchen novices, and gourmets alike. The platform prides itself on providing unique, easy, and delicious recipes, and is currently developing an app to enhance user experience.


elevait is an innovative company founded in 2021, with locations in Dresden and Triberg im Schwarzwald. It has a team of over 90 employees from 17 different nations, working together in a diverse global work environment. The company's mission is to provide sustainable AI software products for businesses of all sizes. elevait specializes in developing software for knowledge- and AI-based automation of business processes through the automatic processing of forms, documents, and natural language.


enaDyne specializes in developing advanced non-thermal plasma catalysis reactors capable of transforming CO2 into sustainable chemicals and e-Fuels. Their mission is to turn CO2 into a profitable resource, countering the ever-increasing atmospheric CO2 levels. Their unique technology enables the efficient conversion of CO2 into valuable hydrocarbons like methanol, ethanol, or ethylene in a scalable and cost-effective manner. enaDyne's reactors use plasma catalysis to directly convert CO2 with a hydrogen source into green chemicals or e-Fuels in a single-step process, achieving unprecedented energy efficiencies.


exdatis specializes in AI-based solutions, focusing on the development of powerful search engines and question-answering systems that offer easy and intuitive access to information. The company leverages generative AI to revolutionize business operations, helping companies stay ahead of their competitors. exdatis has expertise in extracting valuable information from images and videos for visual search engines or curating appealing visual content. They offer services and products based on generative AI and search technology, assisting businesses in creating new products, generating content, or automating tasks that were previously impossible. exdatis also develops chatbots and search engines using large language models and neural search technology to improve customer support, optimize internal searches, and efficiently manage vast data volumes for companies and institutions.


Founded in March 2020 under the name fertigungs.team in Erfurt and later relocated to Leipzig, fabnamix GmbH received pre-seed investment from Technologie Gründer Fonds Sachsen (TGFS). The startup specializes in digitalizing the industrial manufacturing process in outsourcing. Its technology enables online configuration and on-demand cloud manufacturing of complex assemblies for machine construction, medical technology, and robotics. Fabnamix links global producers' services into robust supply chains with its intelligent software. The startup, employing 12 software and manufacturing experts, aims to further develop its cloud manufacturing solutions.


getML, based in Leipzig, Germany, is a SaaS company providing innovative machine learning solutions for data scientists. Founded in 2017, getML's primary tool automates the data preparation process, reducing the development costs of data science projects by up to 80% while achieving higher predictive accuracy. Their unique feature learning algorithms combined with AutoML allow for building predictive analytics models on complex relational data schemata without requiring SQL code for data transformation. getML's technology significantly reduces the workload for data scientists, allowing for the faster evaluation of new AI business cases and maintaining profitability by adapting features to changing data patterns.


LeXsolar is a company that specializes in educational materials for renewable energy.


Sleep disorders have become a major health concern. With our digital sleep training we can solve this problem by offering evidence based insomnia treatment according to international treatment guidelines at significantly lower costs than standard therapy regardless of the availability of a clinician, from anywhere, at any time and with virtually no access barriers.


Memoresa, founded by Jörg Schädlich and Steffen Stundzig, is a Leipzig-based IT company that specializes in digital estate management. It provides a platform and app for organizing important documents, contracts, and personal affairs, making it easier for users to manage their digital legacy. The platform is designed to be simple, secure, and intuitive, ensuring users' data is protected and easily accessible. Memoresa's vision is to create a single, secure space where people can manage their most important affairs digitally and efficiently.


qCoat GmbH, founded on May 8, 2019, is a cleantech startup spun off from the Leibniz Institute for Surface Modification (IOM) in Leipzig, Germany. The company focuses on sustainable and resource-efficient water purification through membrane refinement. Their patented process for stable functionalization of polymer membranes, developed at IOM, addresses the issue of membrane fouling in filtration processes. Their technology significantly reduces membrane clogging, leading to lower annual operational costs and overall filtration system expenses. This innovation contributes to climate and environmental protection across various fluid phase filtration processes. qCoat GmbH's technological foundation has earned accolades, including the Kurt-Schwabe-Prize and the IQ Innovation Prize.


Mit r3leaf wollen wir die Transformation der Baubranche beschleunigen. Dafür stellen wir Klimarisiken für Gebäude und Grundstücke automatisiert zur Verfügung, um regenerative Maßnahmen abzuleiten. Für Asset Manager:innen bis hin zu Bauauftraggebenden von privaten und gewerblichen Immobilien: 📉unsere Klimarisikoanalysen sind ein geeignetes Tool um eine fundierte Entscheidung über energetische und regenerative Sanierungsmaßnahmen zu treffen und einem Netzwerk aus Fachleuten anzugehören.


scoolio, a Dresden-based digital startup, secured €1 million in its third funding round from investors including RBB Management AG, SIB Innovations- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, and Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen. Launched as a digital calendar for students to organize their school day, scoolio functions like a digital homework book. The app allows students to track grades, timetables, assignments, and canteen menus. The investment will be used to add new features, enabling secure exchange of learning materials and fostering a student community for information on careers and training. scoolio was recognized as Europe's best app by Huawei, highlighting its societal value, design, and technical features.


seventhings, formerly known as ITEXIA, is a Dresden-based B2B Cloud-Startup specializing in inventory management. It offers a central digital inventory platform with interfaces to existing solutions, aiming for efficient, digital, and sustainable inventory management.


T2K is a company that develops intelligent algorithms, enabling computers to read and comprehend text. In today's digital age, where information is widely available online, stored in large databases, or saved on drives, T2K’s technology proves pivotal. It bridges the gap between how humans and machines interpret and handle texts.

the nu company

The nu company is setting new standards in the chocolate aisle, offering organic, vegan, fair trade products, all packaged in paper.


we-do.ai specializes in AI software solutions, including chatbots, automatic text recognition, AI prediction tools, automatic text generation, and image recognition. They have developed 'foodcall,' an intelligent voice chatbot designed for the gastronomy industry, which automates tasks like taking orders, reservations, and other various requests by phone in restaurants. This automation helps in relieving the workload on staff and enhancing efficiency.


Whyapply is a Leipzig-based HR-Tech startup founded in 2017 by Michael Benz and Ronald Scholz. It offers a unique platform where companies can interact with potential candidates through real tasks related to open vacancies, instead of traditional job postings. The platform allows candidates to solve real tasks for job positions, enabling companies to directly contact them. This approach utilizes performance marketing technologies to target users on their social media channels. The company has raised a seven-figure sum from undisclosed private investors, institutional investors, and the Next Media Accelerator from Hamburg.